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Sub Class 100 visa
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Default Sub Class 100 visa

Hi all,
My brother married a girl 2 years ago who is an Australian citizen. He has got his sub class 309 visa. In three months time he will be eligible for the sub class 100 permanent visa. However, I feel that the marriage is heading for a disaster and might not last long. Assuming he has got the 100 permanent visa, does he have an obligation to stay married for the visa to be valid just as the 309 visa?. Also will this have an issue in him getting his citizenship in due course?

In addition to this, the following also needs to be considered:
They were not divorced or separated, but almost broke up and stayed apart for about 5 weeks inside the 2 years of the 309. Will this have an effect post the granting of the PR? Can the spouse say anything for this?

What is usually defined as a short period after the granting of the PR? 3 months? 6 months?

Sorry if I'm asking too much - just trying to iron out every possibility

Kind regards,

P:S - He never married with an intention for a visa. However, he really likes the country and doesn't feel like leaving
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