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My ex lodged partner visa without my knowledge a year after we broke up
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Default My ex lodged partner visa without my knowledge a year after we broke up

I need some advise on what I can do?

I am an Australian citizen and was born here. I am in a long distance relationship with my partner who lives in Uk for the last 2.5 years.

My ex who I broke up with in 2013 was also from overseas (India) and was wanting me to sponsor him with a partner visa. At first I agreed, I gave the appropriate documents that were required, but then after some deep thinking I really felt as though I shouldnít do it as I donít love him and that I wanted other things for my life in terms of career and just couldnít commit to sponsorship, especially if there is no love there. There were red flags... he was super clingy and I felt as though I was being used. Iím not stupid. Anyhow, we Broke up and he lied to me and told me he was going back to India as his father was ill and on his death bed, that Iv ruined his life blah blah blah. We were only together for a year and a half anyway, and not living together although we did say that we were for the visa purposes. (I lived at home and he literally lived down the street and around the corner so we were at each otherís homes everyday anyway, so living together just not technically).

Anyhow a friend of mine told me to call immigration recently to see what I can do about getting my new partner here, considering itís been 2.5 almost 3 years yet we are not able to physically live together due to the distance, and work etc and we are tired of the back and forth flights we take turns in every few months. Itís just not practical.

When I called immigration, they asked me questions to get my identity, they found me but all my details were incorrect, as though someone had lodged them without my knowing. The address was not the same, my phone number was not mine, the email they had was not mine and they were almost not going to speak to me as they couldnít confirm my identity. The only way they did was via my passport number.

To my shock I found out that my ex from India was still in the country and had filed a partner visa in 2014 and immigration cancelled it in 2016 and I am now not able to sponsor my current partner until 2019. I found out through an old mutual friend of my ex and I that I contacted (as I donít know where my ex is, I donít have any info about the visa application, I donít even know what his real name is as he lied to me and everyone about this) that he had gone on a bridging visa when the partner visa was rejected due to lack of evidence, and that he was claiming to be mentally effected to buy time to stay here and try and appeal. He has since apparently gained residency this year, but Iím not sure from what or how or who as I have zero information in regards to him and his life since I left him in 2013. I have not told my current partner about any of this as he would be shattered that something like this has happened and is preventing us to be together.

What am I able to do to get my record cleared?
Is this something that can be fixed?
If I wait until 2019 and put an application with my current partner how am I supposed to fill out the section of the form (question 29 I think) about previously sponsoring someone if I have no info? Will immigration reject this because I actually have no idea on the previous sponsorship???

Iím just so upset and saddened that this is my country and not this Indian scumbags country and I am now forced to sell my business, pack up everything and leave MY COUNTRY AND relocate to the UK forever to be with my current partner. It is so unfair and so disgusting and poor survalilance on immigrations behalf. This Indian ex deserves to be deported for this.
This is such a huge mess and I donít know how any of this can be fixed. How can I get the info about him and his visa to be able to lodge in 2019 for my current partner? What happens down the track if I move to the uk, get married, have kids and then decide to move to Australia 10 years later..... I wonít have the required info to fill out my visa application for my kids and husband and wonít be able to return to my own country. How do I explain that to them???

Can some one please help me!!!??
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You'd really have to try to get to the bottom of this through FOI requests and the like. If the partner visa was obtained fraudulently and without you signing off on the sponsorship, I can't see why this should be held against you, as the sponsorship was probably invalid. If you actually have signed off on it and a visa was granted, then you will be affected by the sponsorship limitation and you will have to apply for a waiver.
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