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Queue after MRT review
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Default Queue after MRT review


My parents applied for Parents visa subclass 103 (offshore), on 10 May 2006 and went through the normal check list of PCC, balance of family check and eventually health check by Aug 2007. My father was judged by the HSA to be having some health issues and the application was declined in Sept 2008.

Then, I applied to MRT for a review and while this was still with MRT my father had an accident and passed away in Oct 2009. MRT was informed about th above. The MRT ruled on 10th Feb 2010 that my mother met all the criteria and directed DIAC to remit the application. The application now stands in the name of my mother and DIAC has queued this on 10th Feb 2010 (in communication dated 11/5/10), which they say is the date of the MRT's ruling. As I check this queue date (10/02/10) on the online calculater at immi.gov.au on 16/05/10 it does not show me any queue and displays the error

The following errors have been encountered:
  • Queue Date of 10/02/2010 cannot be found in the 103 queue. If you enter a date and no queue date can be found, this means that no parent visa applicant was queued on this date.

Q1. Why isn't this showing the queue date when DIAC in their communication have said that its been queued for 10-02-2010?
Q2. Has this been queued at all??
Q3. Why have they not queued this for 10-may-2006?

Further, when I spoke to someone in the offshore parent migration section on 10-5-2010, they said that the cases from MRT get a priority and will go to a priority queue. I do remember reading that there is a priority for cases from MRT somewhere but cannot find the source anymore.

Q3. Is there a priority queu for cases from MRT? Can I get the source of this?
Q4. If there is a priority queue then why has MRT placed this in the normal queue (which I cannot see)?
Q5. How do I track this priory list if there is one?

I would imagine that a decision by MRT would overrule DIACs previous judgement so ...

Q6. So shouldn't DIAC place the application in the earlier queue, which atleast should be 10 May 2006?

Some more information in relation to MRT cases would be useful and handy. I am not happy about the delay and queue placement on 10-2-10, which I cannot track online anyway. What can i do to set this right and what should be the appropriate date for queueing.

Please help as Ibelieve that the the departments delays is causing my family much grief and dissatisfaction.


Cool cub

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Sheelagh Blanckenberg
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Hi Coolcub

Welcome to the forum and apologies for the delay in responding.

I can understand your frustration in this respect and greatly sympathise with what you are going through.

I do not know why the queue date calculator is not working in relation to your mum's application. I hazard a guess it is not in the general queue accessible on line as it has been remitted from the MRT and thus will be handled differently to new applications being lodged.

If it were me I would contact the parent processing centre by letter (sent by both registered post as well as by fax on +61 8 9415 9590) asking for formal confirmation of the queue date and also when the application is likely to be finalised. I suspect that as the number of parent visas allocated for the current financial year have been used up your mums application will likely on be finalised after the 1 July 2010 when the new programme year kicks in but I hope I am wrong for your sake.

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