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Hepatitis B and PIC 4005
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Default Hepatitis B and PIC 4005

Hi All,

The application for SC 886, has been assessed as not meeting the health criteria due to PIC 4005. The treating specialist for Hepatitis B has given an extremely positive prognosis. The viral load is non-detectable since last two and a half years and the specialist has stated the patient can lead a fulfilling normal and healthy life. Besides that, there is no peripheral stigmata of chronic liver disease, no enlarged liver or no evidence to suggest decompensated liver disease. I just wonder if MoC has assessed the case against the correct PIC. It is learnt that there is no waiver for PIC 4005. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
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Sheelagh Blanckenberg
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Sheelagh Brigid Blanckenberg Registered Migration Agent
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Hi slovely30 and welcome to the forum.

I am very sorry to hear that the application has not met the health criteria.

This is obviously a very serious matter and not something that can be addressed in an open forum like this.

I would strongly suggest you contact either the Migration Institute of Australia (www.mia.org.au) or the Migration Alliance (www.migrationalliance.com.au) to obtain the names of migration practitioners who have experience with health issues like this.

Good luck and all the best.

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Dear Sheelagh,


Over the last 6 months I have been following your post and valuable advice of various health criteria and requirements in order to satisfy health requirement for migration. It is really helpful and I would like to thank you for posting many resourceful updates.

I'd like to request if you could please let me know the contact details of any migration agent in Melbourne who is specialized on MRT with refusal cases of skilled residence application: Subclass 886? The SC 886 is refused and the reason of refusal is: failing to meet PIC 4005. The specialist Doctor (Gastroenterologist) of the applicant has been treating the applicant from last 3 years and so far given very positive and improved prognosis of the applicant's Hepatitis B condition. Despite numerous satisfactory medical reports by the specialist doctor of the applicant: MOC has stated that the applicant 'Does Not Meet': health requirement of PIC 4005 and hence the application was refused.

I have tried to contact Migration Institute of Australia and browsed the link (www.mia.org.au); unfortunately this link does not work. Also, I’ve contacted Migration Alliance (www.migrationalliance.com.au); they said they do have contacts of MRT specialist migration agents only for NSW but not for Victoria.

Would you please send the contact details of a migration agent in Melbourne who has got experience of dealing with refusal cases of SC 886 based upon failure to meet the health requirement of PIC 4005? In addition to that who also can help to apply for MRT application?

It has also been mentioned in the refusal letter that the deadline of the MRT application is 21 days.

I would really appreciate your quick reply and co-operation.

Kind regards,

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Hepatitis B and PIC 4005
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Chrispian Chan
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Default Hepatitis B and PIC 4005

Has any of you been able to obtain any help to response to the case officer and MOC ?

If so, what were the outcome ?

Can you share in this forum ?

Thank you.
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