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457 son has down syndrome / health waiver
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Default 457 son has down syndrome / health waiver

Hi all together,

we have applied for a 457 VISA, want to live and work in Victoria where my parents in law live.
The process went well so far.

We have been to a medical examination (all fine), did an daily activities report (all good, not outstanding obviously) and provided immigration with an observed child psychologist report of developmental age.
We also provided a report of our usual paediatrician about health history, which is all good, no health issues no ongoing medication.

We now got a health waiver for 4 years (based on the little information they asked for/have) of a what I would say is a horrendous amount.

I am a little bit shocked as I was aware of the waiver option but didn't expect it to be so high.

The information I could gain by the research I did on the internet is not satisfying, to be honest, it looks like I can't find any information about HOW this amount is invoiced.

All I could find was:

The Inquiry has not been made aware of any official guidelines about how this is to be done because ‘Notes for the Guidance of Medical Officers for the Commonwealth’ have yet to be finalised. The Procedures Advice Manual provides only minimal guidance[91] but MOCs are expected to be skilled in these assessments.

Every organisation I contacted (we want to move to Victoria) can't believe that there is a decision made on the information they have asked for, but can't provide any information about costs as they would have to see the kid, obviously.....

I know there is an option to provide further information, but what does that mean???
We can provide so many reports, have so many Doctors and specialists over here that I would be lost in the decision who to ask for an report....

We have contacted an immigration agent but, he would only proceed if the sponsor considered to sign a waiver......

I don't say the waiver is wrong, I would just like to understand how the calculations are made, as there must be some kind of standard?

Thank you in advance
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