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Robert K Chelliah
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Good article. The education of international students should be de linked to Permanent resident status, if DIAC wishes to reign in the runaway numbers. The relevant skills to market need is always dependant on the free market forces, and the unpredicable trends in the economic growth.

The Chamber of Mines and Industries in WA have projected that over the next 5 to 7 years about 400,000 people will be required to support the economic growth of WA mainly in the extractive and general service industries. The Unions are in front of the line to exploit the skill short supply demanding higher wages and perks. Employers have no choice but to meet their demands and pass on the cost to the general community. The Rudd government is beholden to the Union.

Trends in the labour demands are volatile, like the weather foecast, dependant on global economic conditons of the time, particularly China as a consumer of raw materials and exporter of finished goods to the rest of the world.

China is insisting that it wants workers from China to be able to work along with its enormous purchase contracts. Unemployment in China is threatening the government. In Australia there is this barrier of the IELTS band 5 requirement, and the Chinese workers, for that matter workers who are not native to the English language, will not be able to work in Australia. China may then switch its buying to Africa and South America where it has formed an economic alliance with the impoverished countries. It will direct its trillions of dollars to invest in Africa and South America. It will only do so after Western interests have been evicted from these continents. One does not need to have band 5 in IELTS to work in Nigeria or Congo.

We just have to watch those in power.

Robert K Chelliah
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