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Amin Rahman
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Amin Rahman Registered Migration Agent
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Originally Posted by Robert K Chelliah View Post
"Where in the application or elsewhere is the time frame mentioned ? Any reference?" Amin


It is well known that clients used to receive letters from DIMA/DIAC that it will take UP TO 12 months for their GSM application to be processed and only to call the Department if the 12 months has been exceeded. FOI will show heaps of evidence.

In any cas eit was not 2 or 3 years as it is now.

Robert K Chelliah

I checked the pre-grant letters and other letters received earlier by my Offshore GSM cleints. I could not find anywhere mention of the expectd time period for processing of their applications. Note I am talking about Offshore GSM applications not spouse, 457, ENS/RSMS or other visas. For the latter group of visa applications, the case officer would indicate how long processing of the visa application was likely to take. For spouse visas they advised not to contact them until 6 months had elapsed since lodgment of completed application along with all required documents.

Yes, I agree, before September 2008, all front loaded Offshore GSM applications, MODL, non-MDOL, Independent, Sponsored by state, sposnored by family, permanent or temporary, got finalisde within 12 months after lodgement. That is what I would advise prospective clients.


Amin Rahman MARN 0322761
Amin Rahman MARN 0322761, http://www.ozma.org

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Susan Wareham McGrath
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Susan Julie Wareham Registered Migration Agent
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Re the standard sign off on emails from DIAC officers:

"Service Satisfaction
The department remains committed to ensuring that all clients, both in
Australia and overseas, receive not only fair and reasonable treatment,
but also an efficient standard of service that is sensitive to each
client's needs."

There are none so blind as those who cannot see.........
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Sheelagh Blanckenberg
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Sheelagh Brigid Blanckenberg Registered Migration Agent
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The Minister has ridden right over DIAC's people first policy - many in DIAC are furious at the way this has been handled. But what can they do? They are just bureaucrats at the end of the day, doing what their master tells them to do and picking up their pay check at the end of the month.

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Glenn Pereira
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Glenn Joseph Pereira Registered Migration Agent
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I think DIAC requires the time to clean up the on-shore mess.

The three months Oct-Dec will give them the time to focus on the mess.

I anticipate a new policy with the job ready test which is being attended to in Canberra next week will be announced to commence 1st Jan 2010.

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Hello Glenn Pereira,Susan Wareham McGrath,Robert K Chelliah,
Mr. Amin knows me from another site...
I am new to this site. This is the text below that I posted to the Immigration(DIAC) people and to Ombudsman. And I wish to raise this issue with the media as well very soon. Here are my feelings and my complaint.

This complaint is against the department of Immigration and the draconian process proceedings of its department and the Minister Chris Evans along with thousands other applicants who have applied for Migration to Australia. I am an applicant who applied for VISA BQ subclass 138 on 27th August 2007. Paid all VAC.

We applied with an registered migration agent(MARA) and have worked in conjunction with all the requirements fairly at the time of application. This latest action imposed by the department ,I believe is very unfair and not in keeping with the policies you work ever so hard on - to better your country and people life`s that are associated with it. The MARA agent said that this process of my application will take not more than a year. And the contract/form filled by us at the time of application with the agent said clearly as 1 (12 months ) year. Now its more than 25 months. No case officer has been allotted to us yet. And the new proceedings say that I will have to wait another 3 - 4 years.

This policy is the most ridiculous, backwards thinking, ill-conceived and illogical policy i have ever seen. Shame on the Minister for Immigration for dreaming up this ridiculous policy of 23rd September 2009.. We are upset, distraught, dumbfounded at this new ruling given the amount of hard work we have faithfully given to your system included all the adjustments to previous alterations you imposed. Surely you cant expect good honest hardworking people to sit on the fence till your newly proposed times? Would they have faith in your immigration system knowing the overnight changes which dramatically disrupt peoples lives.
Chris Evans - Australia`s Minister for Immigration and Citizenship along with the department, seems to have no morals and has not respected the previous applications submitted in good faith on your very own system!.
The impact on the families that have acted in good faith complying with your system of immigration.
Surly you must introduce these changes and ween them into the system providing a smooth transitional period to avoid a farce.
Now ask yourself this - Would that be fair? I suspect you have given yourself a different answer from above, and believe it is your job to act upon. The applications should be processed in a systematic manner... Why break the queue and play with my and my family's future.

All registered migration agents ,Need your comments as to what course of action should be advised so that this barbaric policy can be reversed... Thanks

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