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I messed up
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Default I messed up

Hi everyone, I have put myself in a very weird situation with my partnership visa application. My girlfriend in Australia is one of the most amazing people I have ever met but my strong ties home have always been a bit if an issue for us. I applied for my partnership visa in the end of January this year (probably rushed it a bit as I was worried that if I left I wouldn't make it back to Australia) and got granted a BVA (no travel, I know), however only a couple of days ago we had a big falling out and I was ready to call it quits and just go home, fed up with the immigration process (sorry I know some of you must have been through hell) and homesick like crazy.
We organized my tickets for the next day and I notified the DIBP about our "relationship breakdown" through my immiaccount "update us" link. Next day I realize just what the hell I'm about to throw away, I love this girl to bits, and we are both gutted things went as far as they did, obviously there was a bit leading up to it, but still, I would love to think we can work through it even though I am currently heading back "home" for an uncertain length of time.
Anyway I wrote another update in to the DIBP saying pretty much that exact thing, probably making me look very unstable. I have pretty much given up hope on this application at the moment, I stuffed it all up.
Will a second application, even of it was some time from now, automatically be viewed more critically if we have a previous failed one behind us?
Any thoughts are welcome but please know I'm aware that I have stuffed it up just about as much as I possibly could have, and right now I feel sick to my stomach thinking that my impulsive acting has ruined my chances of ever sharing a life with the woman I love.

Thanks in advance / Matt
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