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My partner Visa refused - Please keep on reading.
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Default My partner Visa refused - Please keep on reading.

Hi Everyone,

I would very appreciated if anyone can advise me what to do. I do seek advices from Lawyer/ Immigration Agent but i still dont know what to do.
In 2012, i married my husband and applied for partner visa on Shore. I would like to reassure that we WERE genuine. 4/2014 i got granted TR. Everything was going alright until 3 months later, i figured out he cheated on me (he is till with that girl until now) that was on July 2014. Our relationship broke down since that point. We did not inform to DIBP as he still wanted to help me to get PR. December 2014, we got letter from DIBP to provide the document for stage 2. Yes we still provided some documents to prove that we are still in continuing relationship.

January 2015 i started to see someone and we are now still in relationship.

July 2016, after 3 years 7 month of my application, we got an interview face to face with two cases officer, they could tell we were not in genuine and continuing relationship anymore and they refused our application on 25 August 2016.

I cried my eyes out not because of my application is refused, it is just because i should have withdrawn my application when my relationship broke down so that i dont have my visa application rejected.

Anyway i need to move on with my life, my current partner who i have lived with for about 1 year suggested that he wants me to stay in Australia and that he loves me and he wants to have a long term relationship with me and so do i. We have strong evidence such as home loan contribution, thousands of pictures, record of emails and texts...

A lawyer advised me to lodge appeal to AAT, then 3 months later, apply for bridging visa B and then i need to travel to overseas then reapply a new partner visa and then can come back anytime.
Im wondering if the they will reject my new application because of the previous one was rejected. I am wondering if they can give me another chance.

Im suffering from stress, sleepless and workload from work and it comes to the point that i wanted to kill myself some times. This is the biggest challenge of my life, yet it is my fault so i cant blame anyone and i need to fix it.

I love my partner and i dont want to leave him.

I would like to have your thoughts and opinion about my cases. Your wisdom and insight might help me a lot.


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Hi Grace,

I hope things are looking better for you?

I'm in the same boat as you were in before you got the meeting with the case officers.

Did they just refuse your visa & that's it? No fine or court hearing for saying you were still in an ongoign relationship? You had to sign a Stat dec & get two friends to do the same also & lie about your relationship being genuine. Nothing happened about that?

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Hi my name is Fatimah

I sponsored my partner who is now my ex to australia. I put a avo on him he threatened me and sexually assaulted me. I dont want him to remain in the country. I havent left the house in 14 days.

Can anyone help me?

I notified immigration i want to remove my sponsorship they said it needs time and he had court to plea guilty or not guilty for the avo he adjurned it to seek legal advice im very worried if he stays he is now a illegal immigrant since i removed my sponsorship and he took money from our joint account i am broke now. What are my rights?
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Zoltan Bertok
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If you are experiencing abuse or violence it is not your fault. It is the abuser who is responsible. Domestic violence is a crime and the abuser is breaking the law.

Do not count on the Immigration Department. It is not their business to protect you.

You may find useful info here:

Registered Migration Agent MARN 9578607 [bertok.com.au]
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