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Immigration help. The love of my life is in Colombia!
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Default Immigration help. The love of my life is in Colombia!

Hi all,

I recently met a wonderful woman online, who I traveled to meet last May, 2015. We hit it off right away and spent the most wonderful moments together. On returning home I began investigations into how best to bring her to Australia, and have been dismayed as to what I have found out.

I thought this would be the best forum to check the validity of the information I have been able to gather.

My options seem to be:
A) spend a year building relationship evidence, including communications, more visits, photos, statements etc, then apply for Potential Spouse visa and wait up to a year for approval.
B) Move to Colombia, marry her and wait a year before we can apply to move to Australia.

Is that about all my options here? We miss each other like crazy, talk every day, but a potential 2 years of separation is going to drive me insane. I am 46, and want children. My window of opportunity is closing fast and I would hate to go through all the above and end up being too late.

Any help provided would be appreciated.


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Zoltan Bertok
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There are various, equally poor options available:

1) Bring her over here on a student visa. Colombia is assessment level 2 country for most of the student visa types, so it is possible.


Better to turn to a school agent, who deals with Colombians. They know more about the traps.
While over here you learn about each other more and may even marry and lodge a spouse visa on-shore. She may start work as soon as the student visa expires, so there is no point to apply for a lengthy visa.

2) She may lodge a Subclass 300 application right now, then a visitor visa application soon after. The Subclass 300 applicants are usually dealt with more kindly when applying for the visitor visa. However, trusting the kindness of the Department, well, it is a risky process.
Let's assume, that she will get the visitor visa. Then she may not work at all and has to leave Australia in 3 months time. The waiting period for the Subclass 300 visa is much longer, it is about a year, so you may try to extend this 3 months waiting somehow. One way to do it is to leave for a few days for Bali, spend a little honeymoon there and return. Then the visitor visa kicks in again and gives her further 3 months. The problem is that she might be turned around at the border.
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Information Needed !
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Default Information Needed !

I need a help to apply for a Student Visa for Australia. Actually, i am doing graduation in some reputed University in India & want to go Australia to complete my research on my topic but am not sure about the place to visit & reside as few parts are very expensive & out of my reach. I searched on internet & found microburbs site (www.microburbs.com.au) which have very unique & useful data but still need more information about it to plan better. Best preferable chances to apply for the same would be around May-June.... Hoping positive guidance on my issue.... Regards !
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