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12 Tips for IELTS Success
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Default 12 Tips for IELTS Success

If you have already started an IELTS preparation course or are thinking seriously about doing so, you will find these twelve tips will go a long way in ensuring you achieve your best possible IELTS score:

IELTS Listening module

1) At the beginning of the IELTS listening module, there is always an example which you should use to familiarise yourself with the sound, the speakers and the situation they are speaking in.
2) At the end of each section there is usually a pause in the recording. Use this pause to prepare yourself for the next set of questions.
3)At the end of the recording you have some time to transfer your answers to the Answer sheet. This is an opportunity for you to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

IELTS Reading module

4) As you read, don’t try to understand the precise meaning of every word or phrase, you just don’t have the time! At first you need to read for general meaning.
5) Sometimes tasks require you to use words from the text in the answer and at other times you are expected to use your own words. Check the instructions carefully!
6) Make sure you keep to the word limits that are stated. E.g Use no more than five words. Keep to this by avoiding unnecessary words in your answer.

IELTS Writing module

7) It is absolutely vital that you keep to the topic set. You must never try to prepare sections of text before the exam.
8) You should make sure that you write at least 150 words in Task 1 and at least 250 words in Task 2. If you write less you will lose marks. There is however no maximum number of words for either task.
9) When planning your essay make sure you allow time at the end to check through your writing.

IELTS Speaking module

10) In the speaking module, don’t try to give a prepared speech, or talk about a different topic from the one you are asked to discuss. You will lose marks for this.
11) Don’t just answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the examiner’s questions, add more details to your answer. In each case, aim to explain at least one point, preferably two.
12) Remember that you are being tested on your ability to communicate effectively not on your general knowledge.
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All the Tips that are given by you regarding the IELTS are really interesting. I liked it. I hope these tips will really help me in clearing the IELTS.
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Hi hostonbarry

Welcome to the forum. I have never had to sit an IELTS test but from what I understand it is a nerve-wracking experience even for persons whose first language is English.

The 12 tips mentioned here seem all good stuff to me and make a lot of sense for any kind of exam experience really. I hope they do help you. Have you checked out any of the IELTS links on this forum? There are an overwhelming number of various online services offering assistance.

When are you scheduled to do the IELTS exam? Good luck with it.

Kind regards

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