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Just curious...
Old 29th May 2011, 06:03 PM   #11
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Default Just curious...

Hi Glen.

When you say this>>Even though there is no capping on spouse visas, it is apparent that the next allocation will be on 1st July 2011<< does it apply to us as well? My husbands application was lodge in Dubai last Sept 2009.

And the latest update that we got last 23rd May was the application has been forwarded to a new case officer for further assessment and decision will be made on the application shortly.

I am really hoping that it would be a positive result, since they haven't even given us a concrete update of what is goin on.

I am really glad as well, that there is a forum like this where we can ask and seek advise. Thanks to evryone, and hoping we will get good news soon.
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Glenn Pereira
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Glenn Joseph Pereira Registered Migration Agent
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Allocation of visas is managed from Canberra and applies to all overseas post.

I am surprised it is nearly 20 months and your applicaion has not been finalised.

Are you using a Registered Migration Agent ?

Glenn Pereira
(RMA since 1992)
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Old 30th May 2011, 05:30 PM   #13
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Hi Glen,

Yes, we have a registered migration agent helping us.

Don't you have a case that took as long as our one?

So, meaning our one might be included in the July allocation?

It is really depressing now for me.
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Old 31st May 2011, 11:02 AM   #14
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Nick van Voorst van Beest Registered Migration Agent
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I suggest you get your agent to follow up on this. That's what you pay him/her for after all.

Best of luck,
Nick van Voorst
Registered Migration Agent 0640648



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Old 12th July 2011, 07:27 PM   #15
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Originally Posted by Glenn Pereira View Post
Allocation of visas is managed from Canberra and applies to all overseas post.

I am surprised it is nearly 20 months and your applicaion has not been finalised.

Are you using a Registered Migration Agent ?

Glenn Pereira
(RMA since 1992)
Hi Glenn, My fiance's CO had called us on 1st of July advising that our application is due to be finalised anytime soon. She advised us that she is awaiting from Aust Immi for an answer and it is matter of few days before a decision is made. She gave me another follow up call on 8th july advising still have not heard anything and she will follow up with us the following week (which is this week). Is that mean she is awaiting for the Visa to be approved by the Canberra office? Have you ever experienced with your cases anything like this?
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july 2011 visa allocation
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Default july 2011 visa allocation

do you think my case is included in the july 2011 allocation as my co e-mailed me this on the 11th of juky.5th of july they asked for additional information on the form 80 which was the same questions i answered all over again like employment details.they also called my husband and confirmed with him as well.dpes it mean he will get his visa.when is the next allocation date after july?because if that is the case than i will have to make travel arrangements.please help
Hello.I have an enquiry in regards to my partner's visa. My partner is from a very high risk country Afghanistan. I got married 2 years ago and put in his application september 2010.I gave in my appilcation in person at the Dubai Office where both me and my partner was interviewed.I took all my documents. I spoke to the head and he told me security check takes 6 months.Mine has taken 10 months now and there still asking me to wait. I fell pregnant thinking my partner would come with me by the time my baby was born but disappointingly they didn't seem to care. My psychologists and social worker from hospital sent them so many letters that I wanted him to be there when the baby was born.Even now one month after my baby is born I have no reply from them. They e-mailed my partner 5 days july 5th after my baby was born and asked for additional information which was the same questions in the FORM 80 which he had previously answered.They also called him and confirmed more questions, They asked him about his employment details in Dubai as he was working there for 3 months and also current employment.After that my CO e-mailed me this on july 11th Thank you for your email and congratulations on your new baby.

This information was requested by our colleagues in Australia to further process your application. We will be contacting you when the clearance is recieved

This was e-mailed one month ago.can you tell me if this is good news and how much longer do u think they will take.If they are looking at my file and asking for information does it sound like things are finalising but how long do u think they will take.can you give me any advice.i am really desperate.im worried it might take 14-16 months (god forbid).Have you had cases like me.It has now been 10 months and 20 days.they said it takes 9-12 months.if my husband does not get any response i will have to move back to afg with my newborn and i do not want to take my baby too such a unhygienic and dangerous country.DIAC does not seem to care about their citizens safety or life.whats happening to the world.so much insensitivity.
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