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Health issue, seeking advice
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Default Health issue, seeking advice

I am glad that I find this forum. I am in the process of my 186 (direct entry stream) visa.

Two months ago, I found two GGOs (ground-glass nodule) in my lung during a regular health check and the doctor suggested that I removed those GGOs. The pathological result indicated that those two GGOs were Stage 0 of lung cancer which was called AIS (Adenocarcinoma in situ). As AIS is categorized as precancerous lesion according to the new WHO classification, I am technically cured. No follow-up treatment is required. My doctor told me that AIS has a great prognosis, with 100% 5 year survival rate.

As far as I understand, lung cancer has a low survival rate because about 70% or more patient who are diagnosed as lung cancer are in late stage. However, AIS (Adenocarcinoma in situ) is a different story because it is precancerous lesion, which does not require further treatment. Not many people are diagnosed at this stage. So, the cost of my ongoing healthcare is very low (just a few follow up CT scans in the following years and that is it).

I am sure that my health condition will be referred to MOC for assessment, however, the MOC should not calculate the potential cost of healthcare based on the "Notes for guidance" for lung cancer, because AIS is precancerous lesion, right ?

Your advice is highly appreciated.

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