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Not meeting Health Requirements,Please Help.
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Default Not meeting Health Requirements,Please Help.

Hello Guys,

I am in bit of trouble, please experts do reply..
I have lodged my 885 application, got Case Officer recently.. She sent me an email saying that I have not met the Health Requirements as my medical condition can result in significant cost to Australian Health Sector, and Community..She has given me 28 days to comment on this of Medical Nature for consideration..

I have Coarctation of Aorta,which can be cured with a Cardiac Surgery..It is a birth Defect. My surgeon has clearly written on a letter that my condition is treatable with a low risked operation. I will be normal after that operation. He has also booked for an operation in February. It is a one time operation.. I believe my expenses would not be more than $35000(new significant cost threshold) I have emailed MOC all this information just recently.

I have also argued with my Case officer, that i can get my condition treated back home sooner than Australia, but she has not yet given green signal..

Guys, what according to you could the ways to get away with it. I m sure there must be something..

Best Regards
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