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Hi anonymous,
Based on my experience apparently there is nothing you can do but wait.I have spoken to a migration agent and he said that pressure from Member of Parliament can help.When I contacted Mp they said they can not do anything.It has now been 9 months since my application has been on security check believe it or not.I do not want to scare you because yours might be different.I know someone who sponsored her husband within 4 months yet due to asylum seekers it takes longer now.It is just so unfair.I am still waiting.I wanted to get an lawyer but all they can do is enquire to your case officer they can not contact ASIO.The only option is contacting IGIS..they also have no control but have the right to check if ASIO is not doing anything unfair on your application.Apparently the MP said if you complain against them that will fire them up in which they can even find an excuse to cancel your application.You can complain after 12 months only.I will be doing just that in one month because the 12 months will be finalised.They say with Afghanistan they can take even 14-16 months.It is a high risk country.How long have you been married for?
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