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IELTS Failed during visa processing
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Default IELTS Failed during visa processing

My partner currently has a 485 Graduate Visa application going through processing that I am on as de facto partner submitted mid February 2014. I received a call from their Brisbane office on Thursday and was told that our application will be refused on the grounds that my partners IELTS test score a 5 in reading was under the required 6. He received an overall 7. My partner had to leave the country 7 weeks ago due to his refugee status (Zimbabwean) in the UK expiring and requiring application for Unlimited leave to remain which meant that his travel document was taken by UK border control on application for the duration of processing which at current may not be granted up until mid August. He is not on a BVB as it was refused due to the length of time required, he was advised by Immigration to return on a holiday makers and then apply to have his BVA reinstated. I am currently in Australia on a 2nd WHV expiring mid June this year. Can you please give me some advice on what to do in regards to the incoming visa refusal?
Is it possible to resit IELTS and add those results to our application before refusal?
Should we withdraw the application outright?
Are there any other options?
Any advice on this matter would be urgently and greatly appreciated.
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