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Working over 20 hours a week and next visa approved?
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Default Working over 20 hours a week and next visa approved?

Hi there,
I have one concern because I have been studying in Australia for 2 years carefully respecting the law and so not working over 20 hours a week.This fact cause me financial problem and massive stress and frustration all over these years.
Now I met this guy whose after studying two years in Australia he got sponsored in regional New South Wales and his visa was granted.
He admits that he has been working all the two years over 30 hours a week on average and DOIC didn't asked him anything about it and his Visa was granted and he is now permanent resident.
I am so disappointed and I would like somebody to tell me why there is this condition which if is waived by the applicant and he get along with that.
I have now four months of visa left and I am seriously considering to work more than 20 hours after this story?
Can somebody explaining why is like that?
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