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Originally Posted by georg1e View Post
Hi, my husbands parents are currently on a bridging visa waiting to be granted an Aged parents visa 804 - non contributory. They have been on this bridging visa since 2009 and as of yet have not travelled outside Australia. We have just booked a cruise around the South Pacific in October and I was wondering if anyone knew if they could travel outside Australia on this bridging document. They would like to disembark at the islands also;Noumea, Lifou and Villa. TIA Georg1e
They will need to apply for a Bridging Visa B no later than 2 weeks before departure (preferably earlier). If the Bridging Visa B is granted they should also ensure that they allow for delays and unforeseen circumstances and arrive back in Australia well before the travel facility expires.

While the Bridging Visa B will remain in effect once they return, the travel facility has an expiry date . Note that the bridging Visa A will cease when they leave Australia.
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