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Stevedoring Trade jobs in a Tropical Paradise Island
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Default Stevedoring Trade jobs in a Tropical Paradise Island

A well established Port operators in a tropical Paradise Island belonging to Australia in the Indian Ocean requires the following workers, where the fishing is great with idealic life style.

The list of occupations are:

Coxswain, To operate a small boat and a 11 metre barge
Tower Crane, National cert standard (CT). To operate a 550 and 760 Favco crane
Rigging,Dogging(DG), Basic rigging(RB), Intermediate rigging(RI), Advanced rigging(RA)
Forklift operator, 3 tonne to 30tonne
Mechanic, Maintenance worker

Please email your interest with contact numbers to:
Robert K Chelliah
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Tel: +61 8 92464088
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