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887 visa residential Address variance in payslips
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Default 887 visa residential Address variance in payslips


I am about to apply 887 visa after completing 2yrs requirements of 489 visa.I do have 52 payslips which actually makes 1 yr of work experience.For few payslips they different residential address than the actual residing one because i was on temporary place and while i was staying in that address i got a job and i mentioned that address to the employer.I moved to new place and continued the same job over a period of time but actually forgot to inform that employer about my new address.Now I have a question can I still claim that payslips as a work experience while i am also going to claim my residential status from the newly moved place but the address on the payslips still showing the temporarily lived address.If not ,how can I rectify this and still claim the work experience from that payslips.Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.Thank you
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