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Originally Posted by lalithsoni View Post
I am an Australian citizen and my brother's wife( my sister in law) is currently studying MPA in Australia.
I was looking at an option of applying for 489 visa subclass and wanted to know if I am an eligible sponsor to sponsor my sister-in-law?\
Below is the info stated on the DIBP subclass 489 visa :

The relative or the relative's partner you want to sponsor must be your:
child or stepchild
parent or step-parent
brother, sister, adoptive brother, adoptive sister, stepbrother, step sister, niece, nephew, adoptive niece, adoptive nephew, step niece, step nephew, aunt, uncle, adoptive aunt, adoptive uncle
grandparent or first cousin.

Can I please get some expert opinion on this if I am an eligible sponsor for 489?
Thank you very much in advance

This is what the Migration Regulations say:

[489.225] (3)

(d) the person is related to the applicant, or the applicant’s spouse (if the applicant’s spouse is an applicant for a Subclass 489 visa), as:

(iii) a brother

The way I read it:

If your sister-in-law is the applicant, then you are related to the applicant's spouse (your brother) who will be an applicant for the sc. 489 visa as the secondary applicant.You can therefore sponsor your sister in law if both she and your brother are applying for the visa together and you meet all the other sponsorship requirements..
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