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How open employers are to oversea's workers
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Default How open employers are to oversea's workers


Apologies I could not find how to post an original thread.

I have a question if I may? I work in the area of Compliance and AML in the financial services industury in Ireland ( funds to be more specific). It is not on a skilled list for immigration to Australia and I have used my working holiday visa many years ago.
There are a number of positions advertised in the areas of Compliance/Anti Money Laundering on the usual recruitment websites, that I would be more than capable of working in.I have 5 years experience in this area and have completed professional exams.
However are companies generally open to jobseekers from outside the country without a work visa. I know that the employer sponsor visa does not cost the company much ( I could be wrong with this statement!), but I would presume they would wish to fill the vacancies with local persons.

Would like to know if I would be wasting my time in applying direct.

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