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Originally Posted by Robert K Chelliah View Post
We are an recruiting firm as well servicing a select number of oil and gas engineering firms.
There are a few vacancies in the following areas in Australia:

As for oil & gas roles that I am seeking the following disciplines :

• Basically anyone who has had design experience – piping, pipelines, rotating equipment ...etc

• Can include electrical, instrumentation, control systems
• Example : Process
• Design based

Project Engineers
• All disciplines

Apart from Oil & Gas, I am also looking into people with water experience. Would also consider people with power transmission, distribution and generation experience. I am building relationships with clients telling them migration is a key strategy to fill talent gaps in the market.

Robert K Chelliah
Thanks Robert. I have my seminar on Migration to Australia tomorrow. If I find anyone with the experience you (your clients) are seeking, I shall contact you.

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