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Thanks for your comments Robert - so you have not yet gone to bed!!

There is much speculation over what changes will be made to the General Skilled Migration programme particularly in relation to the MODL. The Minister obviously has his views on the matter but there are many interested parties who are lobbying for changes.

For example, Engineers Australia (EA) have put in a submission to the Minister to have changes made suggesting an approach where migrants are assessed on their qualifications and work experience. It said this would be more consistent with the competency-based assessment methods used to accredit Australian university bachelor degrees in engineering and the qualifications of prospective visa applicants.

EA states that "The basis of the present MODL is an out-moded view of what engineers are and do. Replacing the old ASCO system with the skills-based ANZSCO system for classifying occupations is an important step in the right direction, providing all occupations in which engineers work in a modern economy are taken into account," the submission said.

The full submission can be downloaded by clicking the following link:
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