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Hi Janetta / anonymous420

I am also sponsoring my husband from Afghanistan. I lodged his documents in May 2010, it has been 19 months and i am still waiting for the security check to complete. I could write a whole story about all the things that i have done within my power to speed up the process, but they really dont care. They have made me wait this long, and i am still waiting. I have no choice but to visit my husband again in afghanistan for a short time, only to return alone again.

I dont think it is possible to even explain how someone feels in this kind of situation. Its emotionally difficult. I have lost all trust and respect for DIAC, ASIO and australian government agencies!! Sometimes i have to control myself otherwise i would let loose on them on the phone!

they have made me feel as if i am sponsoring a criminal, by delaying his security check!!! what the hell are they checking for! people come by boats and they are prioritised and have their cases finalised asap within 3-6 months, whereas ppl like me who do the right thing and sponsor my husband the correct way have to wait this long! Wat a justice system we have!

let me know if you guys have recieved any good news, or anything i can do that i can speed up my husbands case.

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