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Did you go ahead with process and what was output for your medical? Did you clear medical?
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I'm 36 years old & had suffered CAD (Acute Anterior Wall MI) in July 2010. This happened while playing soccer suddenly without any previous indications. I was nearing 32 years & active in sports etc but suddenly this happened one fine day.

Now ever since I have been maintaining healthy lifestyle & get my medical tests done regularly including TMT/Echocardiography which are normal always.
with Maximal Age-predicted Heart Rate around 95%

I have 3 dependents which includes my wife & 2 children aged 7 years & 2 years who would accompany me to Australia.

I recently applied for Skill Assessment under class 489 which has returned POSITIVE.

I have read about health requirements in Australia - The reasons pertaining to refusal of VISA seems more towards immediate need of medical attention. Is my understanding correct? I wish to understand my chances of getting a PR visa.

The consultants says that there shall not be an issue but I feel they have less understanding about same & want to be sure about my situation or is it that i'm way too worried about it- PLEASE HELP!!!
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