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Balance of Family Test - Eligible New Zealand citizen
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Default Balance of Family Test - Eligible New Zealand citizen

I want to sponsor my parents for a Contributory Aged Parent Visa. My dad's 65 and my mum's 60.

I've been an Australian citizen for 8 years.

I have one sister living in the US (not an Aussie citizen or PR holder) and the other is a New Zealand citizen who has been living in Australia for the past 3 years. She has her own house and is settled here with her kids.

My question is if we would meet the Balance of Family test?

It's getting confusing because when my sister called the immigration helpline early last year she was told that as she "usually resides" in Australia we meet the BoF test.

However when I called them this week I was told we didn't meet the BoF test.

A similar thing happened when I called them about the age requirements. On New Year's Eve was told my parents weren't eligible as both parents had to be "aged". When I called back this week was told only the main applicant had to be aged.

I tried to organise a consultation with a migration agent but was told there was no point as we didn't meet the BoF test.

Can anyone offer any advice?
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