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Visitor Visa for Parent
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Default Visitor Visa for Parent

My mum has just had her visitor visa turned down. My father passed away suddenly in July last year and with no remaining relatives left in the world other than me (only child) we brought her back on a tourist visa. We have since submitted an application for Contributory Parent Visa as this was the only option to us onshore, which we were told can take up to 2 years to process. Her current visa expires this month and with no restrictions we did not think there would be an issue to apply for an extension whilst we are in the queue for the permanent visa. There are exceptional circumstances to her case but this was not stated on the application made by our agent so we are now left in two minds as to what to do....appeal and go to tribunal or resubmit application ourselves? The agent applied under tourist class (600 tourist) but should we resubmit under 600 Family Assisted?? How many times can you apply and if you go to tribunal can you remain in Australia whilst it is waiting to be reassessed?? So many questions sorry!
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