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Looking for new employee
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Default Looking for new employee

Hi Nick.
Just reading this post now, I'm a mom, working in Oil and gas industry since 2005, I got my visa 187 granted last september 2016, I have been in a FIFO position since 2013, but my conditions have changed now, I don't have define roster, my patner is in fulltime position working monday to friday and my only child needs me in home, without a roster is pretty hard for me plan school care or vacation care to my boy when I'm here at my work, some sttrugle for my family to be far away long time.

I have been with this company since december 2013, I want to change my employee and I need to find a job in SA to be in home with my boy.
Do you think if I quick to my current sponsor for a city based position would affect our permanent residency??

Wit my current employee there is not options for a base role in Adelaide, my only option would be to get another job.

Please let me know your thoughts about it, I would really appreciate your recomendations.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Emma, you can look for a local agent here :

As I advised previously,if you have a valid reason to leave your employment and have made every effort to continue working there (make sure you go through proper, recordable procedures) and continue to work in your nominate position in a regional area, it is unlikely that your visa would be canceled.

I think your first port of all should be the FairWork ombudsman to address the work issues and go from there.
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