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Originally Posted by nvoorst View Post
Once you have been granted PR,if you lose your job through no fault of your own, it is unlikely that your visa would be canceled.

Similarly, if you have a valid reason to leave your employment and have made every effort to continue working there (make sure you go through proper, recordable procedures) and continue to work in your nominate position in a regional area, it is unlikely that your visa would be canceled. Just because you are being sponsored, doesn't mean you have no rights.

If you were to be sponsored by another company before you get PR , they'd have to go through the whole process, but once you have PR, you do not require any sponsorship, even if you change employers.

In the meantime, don't rock the will be worth it in the end.

Best of luck !

Hi Nick!
Do you know any good immigration agents/lawyers in WA?
I was granted PR recently, but due to work circumstances getting more hostile and volatile I have ended up in therapy to try to cope with the stress and depression due to being continually antagonised.
I want to find out what my chances are to keep my PR if I apply for a new job. My therapist has told me to get out of the situation or my mental health will be in chatters. I have been in Australia for 4 years, so as I understand after 1 year of PR i can go for my citizenship. If I were to get this, will I still have to stay with the company if I dont find a way out?
if you know any immigration agents/lawyers that would be able to advice me on the right steps to take. I know once the complaint goes in I will suffer even worse.
thank you in advance!
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