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Originally Posted by nvoorst View Post
1) Most companies have procedures to deal with these type of issues. Your first port of call after the HR department, should be Fair Work Australia. Make sure you follow proper procedures and document everything.

2) If the issues continue after you have been granted PR, try and find a similar position in the same regional area. If you have done the right thing and made every reasonable effort to maintain your employment with your sponsor, you may well have a valid argument for your visa not be canceled.

3) Depending on what visa you currently hold, you could try and find another employer to sponsor you for PR instead.

1) This is a small company and the worst person doing this is the person in charge of the business, the manager. The owner is not really any better at all. As my visa is about to be processed, I don't want to do anything to rock the boat to make them fire me before I possibly am granted my PR. If they do fire me after my visa is granted, am I able to stay in Australia?
2) would my possible new employer have to go through the whole process if going through the RCB and nominations etc? Would I have to wait for their application to be processed before jumping ship so to speak.

3) i was on a student visa before being sponsored so unfortunately that avenue is closed.

Thanks for your pointers! They give me some hope that maybe I can make something of this mess and not be miserable for the next 2 years.. I would go to my agent but as there is the conflict of interest I'm unable to do so
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