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Medical Check for Non-Migrating Child
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Default Medical Check for Non-Migrating Child

Hi everyone

My fiancee was interviewed by the Consulate at Guangzhou 2 weeks ago. At the end of the interview, she was asked to get her medical check done and as well a medical check for her non-migrating child (a dependent by their definition). As my fiancee is not on good terms with her ex-husband, therefore, she is struggling to fulfill this requirement and we are running out of options.

I have since told her to write to the Consulate requesting for a waiver as this seems an unreasonable request. Yet, the Consulate replied by saying that the medical for her non-migrating child is a must and refused to assist. If the medical for her child is not done, she will not get a visa irrespective to the fulfillment of other criteria.

On this side in Australia I have spoken with the Immigration Department and they suggested us to obtain a waiver from the Consulate in Guangzhou. So far, the information from each side is conflicting each other.

I would appreciate it if someone could give me advice on tackling with this matter.

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