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Vetassess skills assessment pre-2010
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Default Vetassess skills assessment pre-2010

I wonder if anyone has used a pre-2010 VETASSESS skills assessment. I queried VETASSESS about this and this is their reply:

Dear Emmanuel,

Generaly speaking, when you apply to The Department of Immigration and
Citizenship (DIAC), you will need to apply for your visa under the
Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations system
(ANZSCO), but DIAC will accept your Australian Standard Classification of
Occupations (ASCO) assessment, as long as there is a matching ASCO - ANZSCO
code (ASCO-ANZSCO mapping table).

However, as you have been assessed under the previous assessment criteria
(qualifications only), you will need to contact the DIAC in order to confirm
if the will accept your Qualification Assessment or if you are required to
apply for a Skills Assessment under the current assessment criteria
(qualification and employment).

I tried sending a query through the Agents Gateway but I must not be doing it right as I could not seem to get the message sent. It keeps on telling me an error was made.

I will greatly appreciate any assistance in this regard.

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