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Applying for a vistor visa while processing a PMV
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Default Applying for a vistor visa while processing a PMV

Hi how's it going.. I Would greatly appreciate any advice i could get about my current situation.

Basically me and my partner will be applying for a prospective marriage visa within the next couple of months. I'm currently in Adelaide and she is currently in Chengdu, China. As of next month I will be moving over there for 2-3 months to spend time with her. During this time we will get engaged and proceed to put in our PMV application.

So my question is, understanding how long a PMV application could take to process. We were wondering if it was possible and what were the chances of her applying for a 6 month tourist visa while the PMV application is in progress? Understanding that she would have to leave the country before being granted the PMV based on the no further stay policy on the tourist visa is this considered to be acceptable? Or will they simply refuse the application due to the worry that she was not a "genuine visitor".

Sorry if this is a stupid question.. I'm just a bit unsure of of the likelihood that something like this would be approved.

Greatly appreciate any assistance anyone can provide, Thankyou!
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