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Originally Posted by robertbruce View Post
thanks for your reply Nick... your assumption is correct, she has not attained PR yet, still on the 801..

for withdrawing sponsorship i understand the process so far as:
a. write a letter to immi and they will handle it from there...
b. wait the rest of the 2 years to file for divorce, or associate cost for an earlier annulment....
b)talk to a family lawyer

Originally Posted by robertbruce View Post
it just seems to simple..... immi has all these forms requiring co-signing but nothing just for the singular sponser to file, just a letter. The applicant has a form for cancelation (1022) why not the sponser - or did i get that wrong whislt talking to immi the other day...
You can use form 1022- change of circumstances, send an email, write a letter or make a stat. dec.

Originally Posted by robertbruce View Post
i am wondering if she can claim to immi family violence occurred in australia (not that it did) from her current location in thailand as a first appeal to immi...her second stall would probably be having to supply proof of FV to immi, not that she has any... Possibly her strategy would be to fly back asap using the appeal process lag in cancellation and try to repatriate. I guess this is going to depend if immi "cancels", "suspends" or "under-reviews" her visa and if she can still travel on them.
She will be given the opportunity to respond to "adverse information" received.

She will have to be in Australia when the visa is refused to be able to lodge an appeal.
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