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refuse of 820 partner visa
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Default refuse of 820 partner visa

Hi there

My partner just cancelled our 820 partnership visa. We have been a genuine couple for 3 and a half years and I was very close (a matter of a few weeks/month) to get my pr granted.
My ex partner experienced a severe trauma last year and has been in therapy and phycological professional support since then. She got bitten by a italian mustaf (70 kg dog) in the face and suffered severe injury. She had to undertake serious plastic surgery. Our relationship suffered severely under those circumstances. There has been frequent mental stress, accuse and verbal abuse towards me from her. This all can be stated by several friends of our community and psychologists. Would there be a chance for me to appeal the refusal of my partnership visa as this could be seen as a form of domestic violence. My ex partner would probably testify this as well and maybe even take on a sponsorship again (we won't be a couple though at the moment)
I would appreciate any advice
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