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Last Remaining Visa
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Default Last Remaining Visa

Good Afternoon,

I had applied for my brother's last remaining visa 6 years ago but no updates from offshore DIAC until now. He has paid the second and final instalment as well as Centrelink has provided an approval letter re Bond Money which has been submitted over 2 years ago together with Health Check.

I always received no updates whenever I sent an email. From my experience, normally if the bond has been put forward, the visa will automatically granted.
I had explained quite a number of times to offshore DIAC but no one has given me any answer apart from telling me that it is in queue and if this is going ahead, my brother has to go through another health check and so on.

I had gone through so much distress re this issue and I was being asked from my brother why it takes so long. He also blamed me for not using a lawyer in the first place. I had explained to him that one my lawyer has helped me from my old firm but appointed me as an authorised recipient 6 years ago because her migration licence has just expired back then. And now I heard from my colleague that she is no longer working in that firm.

So now I am lost and do not know where to turn and ask help? Plus the offshore DIAC has no help in this as well.
I do understand now that the waiting period is long but the frustration of sending email and not getting a response is bizzare.

My other option to cancel this last remaining visa and apply for another visa but his IELTS score is 4 and he has only finished his year 10. Would it be easier to apply for Business Visa or 457 working visa as a painter (which he has worked in the field 10 years ago? He is now 39 years old and turning to 40 in few days time.

Please help

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