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sidkaren 3rd September 2014 04:14 PM

immigration status
I've been waiting to hear from immigration about permanent residency. I have been in Australia for 2 years last August. The immigration agent that helped me get the proper papers in order so that I can live here, has closed shop with no notice to me. Now I don't know what to do. Trying to contact immigration office is close to impossible. I did send an email and only received an automated reply telling me I need to wait two weeks or more. I don't know what to do now. Immigration should have sent me paper work a few months ago, but I still haven't heard anything. My visa status is listed as indefinite. Should I continue waiting to hear something from immigration or should I be taking certain steps now?

nvoorst 4th September 2014 03:50 PM

Can you do a VEVO check ? What visa have you applied for ?

Industructable 5th August 2016 12:11 AM


Wondering if you did get a response??

To anyone else reading this....DO NOT WAIT for notification and keep checking VIVO.

Our original application was refused and allegedly sent back (lost in mail as the Govt process was not to register mail when it is being returned! No confirmation of whether it went to our Agent or our address). Took me raising a formal complaint to get a copy of the original refusal letter then more calls and emails as most of the original documents submitted were lost.

I was on the phone to the call centre within 2 weeks of lodging to confirm our original application express post (trackable) was physically received and registered in the actual Departments system. The 2nd application was hand delivered, date stamped and receipt requested.

After that I rang regularly with questions and recommend you KEEP a LOG of date when you call, whom you spoke to, what you asked and what they said (you should not be surprised with information received....frustrated YES).
The log was also submitted with Tribunal submission as I believed there was several processing errors.

All the best with your applications.

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