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coolcub 8th December 2010 11:46 AM

Changed Parent Migration from 103 to 143

Converted parent application 103 to 143

My query is regarding timelines and processing of converted parent migration app form 103 to 143.

I recently converted my mothers parent migration application form 103 to 143. The letter dated 02/Dec/2010 from the department says the the new application was received on 22 November 2010, and the previous withdrawn from the same date.

The letter states:
- a case officer will be allocated;
- they are processing applications that were lodged on 26 Aug 2009;
- The lodgement date of your application will be taken as the date you applied for your 103 visa.

Q. Now, can someone tell me if they have converted their 103 to 143, how long before they have appointed a case officer?

Note: Our 103 was applied on 10/May2006 and queued on 10/Feb/2010
(2 of my friends applied in June-July 2009- the case officer were allocated in Aug-Sept 2010 and now going thru medicals etc)

Q. What is the sequence : the case officer first or date of lodgement

- if its case officer first then I assume we wait 12-18 months and then they consider the application lodged earliest, which would hardly make any significant difference, if at all??
- If date of lodgement taken as 10/06/2006 then I would imagin should be soon. Is this the case.

Some real time experience and processing sequence on what to expect would be nice to know.


coolcub 11th December 2010 04:02 PM


Hi all

We received a letter from Immigration via email, a case officer appointed on 8/12/2010, and progressing with health check, PCC form 80 etc....


cool cub

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