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Migration Help 12th February 2011 07:55 PM

Security checking and ASIO's function
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The attached document entitled 'ASIO's Security Assessment Function' may be of interest to anyone who is waiting on a security check before their visa is granted. The leaflet not only explains in layman's terms what the ASIO does but more importantly, it outlines what reviews are available to applicants should an adverse finding be made.


Robert K Chelliah 12th February 2011 09:09 PM

Thank you Sheelagh. In PAM guidelines for Schedule item 4002 (ASIO Security Check) the role of Form 80 is intimated. It is intriguing how the responses to the questions in form 80 can trigger ASIO's interest. Maybe names belonging to particular language or religious group, purpose and frequency of visit to certain Muslim countries could trigger ASIO interests.

Does ASIO provide security clearance visa to travel to Australia for foreign Prime Ministers and Presidents and heads of States who have been publicly alleged to have committed murder, rape, and theft etc. Are Diplomatic passport holders exempt from the ASIO radar? The Prime Minister of Malaysia is coming to Australia to address the Australian Parliament in March and he has some colourful association with a murdered Mongolian model who had worked for him when he was Defence Minister. His bodyguards murdered the poor pregnant lady in a remote jungle in Kuala Lumpur. His two bodyguards have been found guilty of the murder and are waiting for the appeal process.


Sheelagh Blanckenberg 14th February 2011 03:32 PM

What a shocking story Robert!

Having lived for some years in that part of the world I can imagine speculation among the public of 'who done it?' will be rife! You can bet your last dollar though that the 'truth' is unlikely ever to be publicly disseminated, but the public will have a good idea of who did what to whom :-).

As to your questions, not sure of the answers, but will speculate that ASIO are certainly likely to be aware of the background of such individuals. However, ASIO only comes up with a report about an individual. They do not make the final decision as to whether another government agency like DIAC should turn a blind eye or not! Political and diplomatic expediency will come into play and be exercised by the PM and her government on a case by case basis.

Not sure though if such a person would be granted a permanent visa if they wished to migrate to Australia!


janetta 8th August 2011 08:52 PM

Spouse Visa Security Check
Hello.I have an enquiry in regards to my partner's visa. My partner is from a very high risk country Afghanistan. I got married 2 years ago and put in his application september 2010.I gave in my appilcation in person at the Dubai Office where both me and my partner was interviewed.I took all my documents. I spoke to the head and he told me security check takes 6 months.Mine has taken 10 months now and there still asking me to wait. I fell pregnant thinking my partner would come with me by the time my baby was born but disappointingly they didn't seem to care. My psychologists and social worker from hospital sent them so many letters that I wanted him to be there when the baby was born.Even now one month after my baby is born I have no reply from them. They e-mailed my partner 5 days after my baby was born and asked for additional information which was the same questions in the FORM 80 which he had previously answered.They also called him and confirmed more questions, They asked him about his employment details in Dubai as he was working there for 3 months and also current employment.After that my CO e-mailed me this
Thank you for your email and congratulations on your new baby.

This information was requested by our colleagues in Australia to further process your application. We will be contacting you when the clearance is recieved

This was e-mailed one month ago.can you tell me if this is good news and how much longer do u think they will take.If they are looking at my file and asking for information does it sound like things are finalising but how long do u think they will take.can you give me any advice.i am really desperate.im worried it might take 14-16 months (god forbid).Have you had cases like me.It has now been 10 months and 20 days.they said it takes 9-12 months.if my husband does not get any response i will have to move back to afg with my newborn and i do not want to take my baby too such a unhygienic and dangerous country.DIAC does not seem to care about their citizens safety or life.whats happening to the world.so much insensitivity.

anonymous420 17th August 2011 04:11 PM

Hi Janetta,

I am also sponsoring my husband from Afghanistan which is ofcourse a high risk country. My application was recieved February this year (2011). My husband has since completed his medical check, police clearance and we have also provided an assurance of support as requested in March. I was told by the Dubai Immigration call centre that they are awaiting my husband's security check which was initiated in April, apparently it will take a minimum of 6 months for it to be completed. It has only been about 4 months yet..I am still waiting, apparently they are taking much longer then expected.

Anyone else out there, any idea how long it could take? What can i do to speed the process up and is this the final step in the visa process? other then the potential interview ofcourse?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

janetta 18th August 2011 02:11 AM

Hi anonymous,
Based on my experience apparently there is nothing you can do but wait.I have spoken to a migration agent and he said that pressure from Member of Parliament can help.When I contacted Mp they said they can not do anything.It has now been 9 months since my application has been on security check believe it or not.I do not want to scare you because yours might be different.I know someone who sponsored her husband within 4 months yet due to asylum seekers it takes longer now.It is just so unfair.I am still waiting.I wanted to get an lawyer but all they can do is enquire to your case officer they can not contact ASIO.The only option is contacting IGIS..they also have no control but have the right to check if ASIO is not doing anything unfair on your application.Apparently the MP said if you complain against them that will fire them up in which they can even find an excuse to cancel your application.You can complain after 12 months only.I will be doing just that in one month because the 12 months will be finalised.They say with Afghanistan they can take even 14-16 months.It is a high risk country.How long have you been married for?

anonymous420 19th August 2011 07:39 PM

Thanks for the reply. Its good to hear back from you and im hoping you recieve some good news soon. I have only been married since December and it has been 7 months since my application started, but as you know ofcourse, its a tough tough wait :(

sarah123 6th December 2011 01:23 PM

Hi Janetta / anonymous420

I am also sponsoring my husband from Afghanistan. I lodged his documents in May 2010, it has been 19 months and i am still waiting for the security check to complete. I could write a whole story about all the things that i have done within my power to speed up the process, but they really dont care. They have made me wait this long, and i am still waiting. I have no choice but to visit my husband again in afghanistan for a short time, only to return alone again.

I dont think it is possible to even explain how someone feels in this kind of situation. Its emotionally difficult. I have lost all trust and respect for DIAC, ASIO and australian government agencies!! Sometimes i have to control myself otherwise i would let loose on them on the phone!

they have made me feel as if i am sponsoring a criminal, by delaying his security check!!! what the hell are they checking for! people come by boats and they are prioritised and have their cases finalised asap within 3-6 months, whereas ppl like me who do the right thing and sponsor my husband the correct way have to wait this long! Wat a justice system we have!

let me know if you guys have recieved any good news, or anything i can do that i can speed up my husbands case.


kokoro 7th January 2012 02:24 PM

Security checking and ASIO's function
Hello mates,

Please i need an advise from anyone that knows about this Security checks ., I ave been in Austraila now for just over 2years and file in my second stage PR and i supply all document needed to process PR now also form 80 and knowing today that my application it on final stage which is Security checking., and at my first stage i did check from country of origin also country of resident China and i need one here for my second stage ., so my question is did anyone know which checks will they be processing ?? should it be country of origin or country of resident china or Austraila here ., or they will run the checks again to all of the above ????????????

Please anyone should tell me what they think ??? Below is the reply from my Case officer ..everyone read and pls tell me what you all think ..


I am responding in regard to your telephone call to the department on the 4/1/2011. I can confirm
the requested documentation (Form 80) has been received by fax and mail. Thank you for providing
this information to assist in the continuing process of your application for the Partner (Permanent) Subclass 100 visa.

As part of the final processing security checks are carried out on all visa applications however the time these take depend on many factors,
including the class/subclass of visa being applied for, other members of the application and the applicant's country of origin.
For some applicants, including your spouse, checks are carried out by other agencies. DIAC does not disclose the nature of these checks or other details.
Further, DIAC has no influence over the time taken by the agency and are not kept informed of the progress of the checks. I cannot advise how long the process will be.

I will contact you immediately any further information is required or the progress of your application. if you have any further queries
please contact me on the telephone number listed below or directly

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