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taniab 1st May 2016 07:11 PM

Bridging visa c and hearing looming
Hi there

Thanks for your time.

My partner came to Australia 4 years ago and married an Australian woman. The marriage broke up 8 months later and hence sponsorship ceased. He was awarded a bridging visa c and cited domestic violence of mental anguish and harassment as special grounds. He has his final hearing this Friday and I am worried he does not have enough evidence. We cannot move on with our lives at the moment as he may be given 28 days to leave. Could you please advise if there are any other options? I am very stressed and would appreciate any advice to help him for Friday and beyond.

Thank you kindly from someone stuck in the middle :(

nvoorst 3rd May 2016 09:12 AM

Not much you can do until you find out what the decision is. With recent changes on Ministerial Intervention guidelines, he may have to consider an offshore partner visa if the hearing goes against him. Let's hope the decision is a favourable one.

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