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Wanderluster 11th November 2014 08:06 PM

Ending my contract before the 2 years of my permanent residency RSMS ?
Hi all,

I arrived in Australia in June 2012 with a Working Holiday Visa. I have been working 6 months for my company then they offered me a sponsorship for a Permanent Residency, under the RSMS scheme.
My PR has been granted end of November 2013 and therefore I have to stay in my company until November 2015.
If I do leave my company before this date my Visa would be cancelled, right ?
I do understand the requirements of the RSMS scheme visa but I really wish to resign from position.
I had a couple of questions :
1- What would happen if I would resign from my position ?
2- If I find another employer willing to sponsor me do I need to start the 2 years from scratch or could he take over my sponsorship? Which means that I'd be a resident in november 2015.

Thanks in advance !


nvoorst 19th November 2014 11:07 AM

Yes, your visa could be cancelled if you leave your employer voluntarily before the 2 years are up. If you had a valid reason ( "valid" being open to interpretation of course) for leaving your employer, it would be advisable to continue working in the same regional area in the same position. You would not need another sponsorship. My advice, without knowing all the circumstances, is to stick it out with the original sponsor.The 2 years is from the date you started employment with the sponsor, not the date the visa was granted.

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