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honey_dude2001 5th June 2012 04:58 PM

885 Visa Help
Hi Guys,

I am looking some clarifications here. Please advise your expert Comments !!

My wife did a Masters in International bussiness and completed it in Nov 2010.

Due to changes in immi SOL she was not eligible for a PR at that stage but could apply TR. She applied for TV in DEC 2010 and we both were granted a bridging VISA.

She in meanwhile did some subjects of Accounting which started in May 2011 and finished by FEB 2012.

We got our TR approval meanwhile in JAN2012.

She got her assessment done from CPA, who successfully assessed her further studies for a General Accountant still present in SOL.

Looking at new rules (65 points), She applied for a 885(PR) straight away with Accounting assessment and scoring 8Bands each in IELTS.

She easily got 65 points on the immi calculater.

I am now concerned that can this PR application be refused due to TR485 granted on a different Skill occupation.

However her studies are closely related as she has done Law, Finance and other subjects during her masters in International bussiness.

She did not discussed this with a immi agent or CPA earlier as she is good at studies and did all the mandatory subjects by herself available at CPA website.

Please advise, :(



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