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NinaNinu 30th May 2017 01:43 AM

Au Pairwith Working Holiday Visa found on platform AuPair.com
I live in Sydney with my husband and our two children. We are currently looking for an au pair. Iíve found the website www.AuPair.com and was wondering if it is legal to find an au pair through a website like that one. They claim that it is but I wanna be really cautious, so help is much appreciated.
The au pair will need to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. But I just don't wanna do anything wrong.
If anyone has experiences with the website, please let me know too. This is our first time as a host family.

SantaLina 13th September 2017 01:02 AM

Hi NinaNinu,
I have been an au pair in Australia and found my host family through www.aupair.com. Would love to come back and do it again, but i have other duties for now. Well but the platform is great to find a host family. As a host family you have to pay 40 euros a month to write personalised messages and exchange contacts details with the au pairs but my host family found me within 2 weeks and they didn't have to pay an agency fee. So i think then the 40 euros are invested wisely.
you only have to give your au pair a contract and check the website of the Australian embassy in the au pairs home country if she needs anything else.
Good luck!

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