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Ash 13th July 2010 02:36 PM

I have a degree in Civil Engineering from USNW in sydney and have industry experince as well.I currently live in fiji. im in the process of applying for pr to aust however i also wish to come next month and while im there i want to start working while my application is being processed, but im a havinig difficulties in finding a recruitment agency where i can obtain work help from or a employer who is willing to sponsor me.?

any suggestion anyone?

Ash 23rd July 2010 09:35 AM


I want to come to Sydney next month, to talk to some employeers in regards to work, once i get my PR, but that i still want to come and work for a firm does anyone know any Engineering firms that would be willing to sponsor me for a wokrign visa for a short term till i get a PR and after i get my PR iam still willing to work for that firm.

Your suggestions and gudiance would be appreciated.

Cheers !

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