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Darwinite 23rd August 2017 06:20 PM

457 Relationship Breakdown
I have been sponsored for the past 2 years on my partners 457 visa as a defacto partner. We have also begun our application for PR as we are now eligible (have only completed the form and paid for agent so far).. Unfortunately our relationship is on the rocks and doesn't appear to be getting better anytime soon. My partner has threatened to inform immigration if we do not get back together.

As I am the secondary applicant I understand that without a visa I will have to leave Australia. However I am unsure of the process.

How do you advise immigration?
Would it be best if I contact immigration myself?
Would I be advised by immigration if my partner reports me?
How long after advising immigration do they provide you to find alternative visa/leave the country? (Someone told me 28 days has now changed to 90?)
Does the employer of which our nomination and sponsorship is through have an obligation to provide the flight home for me?

Any information would be greatly recieved. As I'm unsure on my partners behaviour I'm a little anxious that I might just get a phone call one day advising I have to leave, no ifs no buts! After living here for 5 years, I couldn't imagine how I would pack my life up in a short time and would just like to know as much of the process as possible to prepare.

Thanks in advance.

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