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1st August 2010, 04:03 PM
It's great to be able to join this site and have an opportunity to ask questions.
My partner and I are seeking employers to sponsor us. He is an Engineer (Construction BSC Eng.) 10 yrs. experience and I am a secondary school teacher UK 16 yrs. experience Head of Department, We have sent lots of his CVs out to employers but had nothing back. We have been looking for approx. 2 months now.
We are really beginning to wonder whether anyone will sponsor him without the local experience and without the opportunity to interview him. We are considering going on a Tourist Visa so that we are there and he can go for interviews. Does anyone know if this would be a quicker way of succeeding in nabbing that all important sponsorship and are we allowed to attend job interviews on such a visa?
We are also wondering if doing the Engineers Australia courses would help to bring about some productive contacts, but so far we have not found out if he can do these short courses on a Tourist Visa. It does state informal study is allowed, but how do you classify informal study?
Any advice is most welcome.
Thanks in advance,

Robert K Chelliah
1st August 2010, 05:13 PM
Hi Ingenschooly

I have responded to your other posting.

I suggest you use s strategy of multiple approach. As soons as the State governments commences their sponsorship that is expected to commence soon after the election of 21 August, apply for state sponsorship which carries second top priority in processing speed, with the search for an employer with our without 457, while you pressure DIAC to process your application faster in view of a firm job offer in hand. Western Australia is good state where ther actions are taking place in terms of shortage of skilled engineers.

We have an office in SS2/ PJ Selangor and you may call me on 0123482961 for any aditional pro bono general advise.

best wishes

Robert K Chelliah
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2nd August 2010, 12:54 AM
Hi Robert,
Thanks for the quick reply. We were planning to take that sort of logical approach just to increase our chances of the quickest possible process. We are in a position to relocate very quickly and do not have any dependents and houses etc. to sell. We have all our paperwork in process. Police Certs, Skills assessments, IELTs test done for Eng Aust (yesterday actually).
Hopefully, by the time the skills assessment is completed by Eng Aust they will have the State Migration plan available, but anyway Partner's role is on the list from WA released in June so there really shouldn't be a problem if he can get a sponsor. That's the one query we can not seem to answer at the moment. How does an engineer get a chance if they have no local experience? How do they get local experience if they have no job? It's the chicken and egg / Catch 22 classic conundrum.
We are also wondering whether it will be helpful for employers if we are physically in Australia so that they can interview him as we realise it is always preferable for that to happen.
Another query which comes to mind is that how long will it take for employers to get geared up to start sponsoring in more cases as this seems to be the way forward for immigration but seems to carry a certain "responsibility" and burden of work for the employer.
Does anyone know what support and training is offered to employers by the government to facilitate the increase in ens visas?

Thanks for the offers of help Robert. We will certainly consider it.