View Full Version : validity of approved sponsored nomination

30th July 2014, 09:02 PM
Hi there,
I would like to ask a question regarding my situation. My employer lodged an application for ENS subclas 186/187 ( SPONSOR NOMINATION)visa on Nov. 27 2013 and has been approved on March 24 2014. I, myself lodged an application for ENS SUBCLASS 186/187 PERMANENT VISA ( direct entry stream)on Dec.11 2014. Unfortunately my application has been refused on march 27 2014 due to non skill assessment from TRA. I did not realised that I need skill assessment because I only work with my employer for 1 and a half year when I lodged my application.

I really would like to know if the current sponsored nomination of my employer is valid to use for my second application for subclass 186/187 visa ( temporary residence stream) I've been with my employer for two years now.

I have planned to re apply this coming August and I want to make sure that I will do the application properly. I dont want to lose another big amount of money for this. Please give me some healp and advise. Thanks in advance....