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7th October 2013, 08:45 AM

I am looking to apply for a 457 visa. I am already employed by an Australian company and have been working there for almost 3 months now on a working holiday visa. They have agreed to sponsor me, but as I am their first sponsored worker they are not clear on the details either.
My first query is in regards to the 3 years work experience. The visa website says that this the minimum requirement, however other sites say that relevant qualifications can also suffice. Which of these is true, and what level of qualifications are expected if accepted?
My other question is, what are the restrictions for things you do in your own personal time outside of work. For example having a book published or self published, or creating a video game for a mobile device. Will hobbies of that nature, which bring in an additional income, conflict with any of the clauses in the 457 visa?



8th October 2013, 06:47 AM
Hi Ross.

The regulations state that : the applicant has the skills, qualifications and employment background that the Minister considers necessary to perform the tasks of the nominated occupation.

What is the nominated position and what qualifications do you have ? I some cases a skills assessment may be required.

If the company has not previously sponsored anyone they will have to apply to become a Standard Business Sponsor first. Meeting all the requirements, especially the training, market salary rate and genuine position requirements, can be quite complex, so they may consider getting some professional advice.

You may also have to apply to get an extension of your current work rights.

I can't see any issue with your "hobbies",as they would be incidental to your primary employment. You may have to seek clarification with the Department about that one, if you're concerned about it .

Finally, be very careful on relying on information you find on public websites , incl. the Department of Immigration website, as information can often be ambiguous, confusing and contradictory. Likewise, don't rely on any information you get on the Department's 131 phone number.