View Full Version : 457 WP to 121 (PR) migration… Eligibility

25th February 2012, 01:39 PM

I have a query for 457 to 121/856 migration... (sry if it sounds confusing)

I've in AUS for 22 months working on 457 for one consultancy firm with diff clients…
I worked for 1st client (let’s say A) for 16 months and 2nd (B) for 6 months...
Now, A is offering me employment by sponsoring my 457...

I understand that to get 856, I have to work for sponsoring employer for 12 months…
this I want to avoid in current economic scenario.

Now my doubt is, can I ask A to sponsor me 121 (before joining) because..

1) As per my understanding 121 doesn’t require 12 months employment condition.
1) I will complete 2 year in AUS on full time employment (incl time when i'll be joining A)
2) total 5 yrs experience
3) I worked for A (though not on A's payroll) for 16 months

In case of 'YES', requesting some inputs on:
1- Do i've to go thru skill assessment + IELTS for 121..?
2- How much time will be req for 121 processing?
3- Do I have to get my 457 cancelled and be outside AUS at the time of 121 application?

In case of 'No', can next employer (A) sponsor my 457 so that i start working for him and same time sponsor my 121?

Sry for a long post...any advice would be a great help for me...

Thanks a lot...